100 days

The ballots have been cast. The polling stations are closed. Yet the 2017 BC Election is still unfolding. The BC Liberals have won the highest number of seats, but the full outcome remains to be seen. There are absentee ballots that need to be counted and some ridings that have been contested. The possibilities of what may come are multiple. We could have a Liberal-Green majority government, an NDP minority government, or an NDP-Green majority government. We may even be invited back to the polls if no agreement can be reached between the parties. 

The final results of the election will be revealed later this month. 

After government is formed, the 100 days that follow are important: cabinet ministers will be chosen, the opposition selected, and the pressing issues within the province prioritized. Now is the time to amplify our voices to ensure our provincial leadership keeps mental health and addictions care top of mind. 

The momentum we have gained thus far has been incredible. Through e-communications - newsletters, Facebook and Twitter - we reach almost 15000 people. Within that diverse network, spanning five different continents, 3018 people have taken action to become a supporter by signing the declaration or by using one of our other online tools

  • 2858 signed the b4stage4 declaration
  • 2033 emailed, called, or tweeted provincial candidates 
  • 382 signed up to volunteer
  • 22 shared their story of mental illness or addiction

We've also received 26 endorsements from a cross-section of professional associations, community organizations, private practitioners and government bodies, who have publicly announced their support and amplified our message to their networks. 

Take a look at our map of accomplishments! The different pins represent: (1) a CMHA office, an on-the-ground hub for our collective efforts; (2) a b4stage4 endorser, one of the organizations who has signed on in support of our declaration; or (3) a b4stage4 supporter, someone who has taken action in support of our cause.

The b4stage4 movement is sweeping the province:

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Thank you for all of your support. Thank you for your passionate commitment to better mental health in our province. 

We're so grateful to have supporters like you by our side as we take the next step. There are still so many ways you can continue to be involved:

Let's remain together in calling for a system of care that values mental health and addiction care as equal to physical health care. 

100 days
100 days
It's time we value mental health and addiction equally to physical health. Sign the @cmhabc #b4stage4 manifesto: