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Will you take a minute to call your MLA? The role of your Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) is to represent you and your perspectives.

Let them know that you stand behind the b4stage4 movement. Simply fill out the form on this page and the system will automatically identify your MLA based on your postal code.

Speaking Points & Helpful Statistics

  • 70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence.  
  • 1 in 8 children in Canada between the ages of 4 and 11 years old has a mental illness – this amounts to 84,000 children with disorders in BC. Only about 1/3 of these children receive the mental health services they need.
  • All British Columbians have the right to good mental health. I support a system of care that addresses mental health, addiction, and physical health equally.
  • We know that early intervention and prevention is key. 
  • We must spend smart and invest wisely in effective community-based services and supports designed to prevent mental illness and intervene quickly with the early signs of mental health and addiction problems.
  • We must work together to make sure people do not have to wait for weeks and months to receive a basic level of mental health and/or addiction help. People should be able to “ask once and get help fast".


Call your MLA. It's time we value #mentalhealth and #addiction equal to physical health #b4stage4
Call your MLA
It's time we value mental health and addiction equally to physical health. Sign the @cmhabc #b4stage4 manifesto:
Call your MLA. It's time we value #mentalhealth and #addiction equal to physical health #b4stage4