What people are saying about #b4stage4

"I work with youth in a privileged school and despite their stable financial situation, we see more and more youth with mental health issues and addictions.
Please do something to help them."

- North Vancouver, BC

"Please make this a priority.  Our youth are dying due to mental health and addictions.  We need to stand up and have supports for youth and their families."

- Port Alberni, BC



"My experience of losing my wife to suicide from post-partum depression has opened my eyes to mental health and that more needs to be done in terms of providing care closer to home and connected with communities."

- Coquiltam, BC

"Having lost three family members and two friends to suicide we need to continue talking about mental health in an open environment and not in hushed tones as though it is a weakness."

- Victoria, BC

"I agree with this campaign - our mental health and physical health are intrinsically 'one'.  Let's move to treat mental health with the same importance as physical health."

- Port Moody, BC

"I agree with we need more prevention and mental health services for children and youth, We also need to support secondary education and basic education. Education is a social determinant of health. People who are educated are healthier and they are more innovative and creative. Without a secondary education or trades training, children can't get jobs. This leads to frustration, depression, and homelessness.

Students in BC are at a crisis point. Many are working 2 jobs and studying full time to pay housing costs and tuition costs. The stress of trying to manage this - leads to anxiety and more mental health issues.

If were going to solve mental health issues, we need to look upstream and support children and youth so they can be productive citizens in life.

Education is key."

- Nelson, BC


We need to take mental health out of the closet. People shouldn't feel ashamed about having a mental health issue.

- Salmon Arm, BC

"I am a 21 year old student with depression and anxiety and this movement gives me a lot of hope for those who struggle with the same problems. I've talked on mental health with teenage girls at camp because I found it to be important to explain what mental illness really is and to destroy and idea of stigmas. The girls were so receiving of my story and they too were honest about knowing others or themselves dealing with the same. But knowing is only the start. Having support is more. This plan to have a solid system of care is so important to those who don't know what to do and don't have anything that can help. It is far too difficult to find easy to access help. This is a huge step towards helping so many more people. Thank you for making this step for all of us!!"

Abbotsford, BC

If I was diagnosed or given treatment early I could have saved myself a lot of physical and mental abuse.

- Langley, BC


It's time to end the discrimination related to community-based mental health and addictions services.  It's time for mental health and addictions funding within health to be a priority.

- Vancouver, BC

"I am a front line mental health and addiction clinician. I see on a daily basis the insufficient resources allocated to mental health and addiction programs. Safe housing and long term treatment facilities are needed. Short term detox programs do not work. Returning addicts to the street with no supportive housing sets people up to fail and return to their addictions.

BC needs to create more therapeutic living program opportunities that have a duration of at least 3 years; these programs would provide employment training as well as in depth therapy to deal with the underlying trauma that if not addressedwill just fester under the surface until the recovering addict returns to full blown drug use to cover up the pain from the trauma.

I truly believe that we are not being fiscally responsible with funding for mental health and addictions. Continuing to provide funding to services that are not getting results is counterproductive. It is time for a long overdue re-evaluation of mental health and addiction supportive programs."

- Sidney, BC

I am a teacher and see mental health issues with our children.  Providing care and support early in life is critical to learning and preventing further issues later in life.

- Surrey, BC


"I have lived with bipolar disorder for 20 (diagnosed) years, but spent 10 years in treatment for other conditions. I would love to see the inequality eliminated and property care available b4stage4."

Sooke, BC

What people are saying about #b4stage4
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