Write a letter to your local newspaper

The results from the 2017 BC Election have been unexpected and have ushered in a time of unprecedented hope. The new BC government has identified mental health and addictions as a top priority. Premier John Horgan has promised immediate action on the ongoing fentanyl crisis and has appointed Judy Darcy as the new Minister of Mental Health and Addiction to carry out a co-ordinated response. Yet Minister Darcy's mandate goes beyond crisis management. She has been tasked to establish a dedicated Ministry to improve access to services and supports for mental health and addiction problems across the province.

Your words in a local publication could help those elected act on what has been promised. Will you send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper?

Tell them how addressing mental health and addiction b4stage4 will lead to a mentally healthier province. Simply fill out the form on this page and your letter will be sent to local publications based on your postal code. We've included key messages and tips on step two to help you along.


Write a letter to the editor. It's time we value #mentalhealth and #addiction equal to physical health.
Write a letter to your local newspaper
It's time we value mental health and addiction equally to physical health. Sign the @cmhabc #b4stage4 manifesto: